What’s the best way to get to Byron Bay?

What’s the best way to get to Byron Bay?

With summer just around the corner, what better excuse is there to pack up your suitcase and jet off to paradise in time from Christmas or New Year. But what’s the best way to reach your summer staycation? This blog post explores the different ways to get to beautiful Byron Bay, whether it’s by plane, train or car…

By plane

There are 3 main airports situated within a 2 hour drive from Byron Bay. These are Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, Gold Coast Airport and Brisbane International & Domestic Airport.

Ballina is the closest to your holiday destination, just a short 30 minute drive away, and with lots of transport options from the airport. However, flights aren’t as frequent as compared to the bigger airports.

We would suggest that if you can fly to Ballina, then this would be the best airport option for a quick and easy transfer to Byron.

Gold Coast is on the Queensland/NSW border and it’s around a 45 min – 1 hour drive time. It’s a much bigger airport than Ballina with hundreds of flights per week. Again, there’s plenty of transfer options including various shuttle buses that connect to Byron direct from the terminal.

Lastly, Brisbane is the furthest from Byron Bay but offers plenty of easy ways to transfer to your final destination. Take either the light rail or bus to Brisbane Roma Street transit terminal, and from there jump on a choice of buses or direct shuttles that take around 2 hours in total.

By train

There are no longer any trains connecting you to Byron, but you can get here from Sydney on 2 coaches. The Casino XPT and the Brisbane XPT both run daily from Casino or Grafton to Byron Bay.

By car

Did someone say road trip!? Sometimes the best way to get in the holiday mood is to just hop in the car and head off on an adventure.

Byron has 2 main access roads, the first being Ewingsdale Road from the highway and the second being Bangalow Road, heading south towards Lennox Head and Ballina.

Approximately 45 mins south of the Queensland/NSW border you will see a turnoff on the left towards Byron Bay via Ewingsdale Road. This route will take you into the heart of Byron Bay’s town centre.

If you’re coming from the other direction, via Bangalow Road, you’ll follow the coastline up from Ballina, past Lennox Head, Broken Head and Suffolk Park.

Be aware that these roads can get busy, especially during peak seasons, so pack some snacks in case you find yourself sitting in a traffic jam!

However you decide to get to Byron Bay, every route will be worth it, as warm and inviting crystal clear waters will be waiting for you at the other end! Book your holiday accommodation with us today.